About the Texas Graduate Center

The Texas Graduate Center (TGC), a component of the Texas Valley Communities Foundation, has been established to support programs in higher education that will guide new and emerging leaders in education to implement transformational change that will impact schools and communities. TGC will offer distance learning graduate programs from outstanding universities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The TGC will make available the latest telepresence technology and virtual classrooms with direct connection to world-class undergraduate and graduate programs from across the country. TGC will also serve as a college and career readiness facilitator offering assistance in selecting, preparing and enrolling in nationally recognized graduate programs.


Our Mission

TGC embraces an expansive mission to:

  • Impact the quality of education, reduce the drop out rate and increase the college attainment levels for the students of the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.

  • Advance graduate education that emphasizes student success through a comprehensive system of support.

  • Raise awareness of the role of graduate education in the transformation of the Rio Grande Valley's economic, technological and societal needs.

  • Promote the importance of partnership in support of graduate education programs.

Our Vision

“To be nationally recognized as the premier Science, Technology, and Engineering and Math (STEM) graduate support center of higher education for the students of the Rio Grande Valley and along the U.S./Mexico border”.


Our Goals

“To increase the number of RGV teachers enrolling at outstanding universities from across the nation through an interactive distance learning environment and to provide an Information, Resources & Services Terminal that will serve as a resource and guidance center to assist teachers in pursuing graduate education goals”.


Area and Population Served

The Texas Graduate Center serves teachers from school districts within the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas who are seeking a graduate degree in the STEM areas.


Our Commitment

The Texas Graduate Center, through the Texas Valley Communities Foundation and its established partnerships, commits to providing the teachers in the program with the resources necessary to support their success.


Adriana V. Lopez

Executive Director

Samantha Munoz

Administrative Assiastant

Rosie Valero


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