The Adventure of Teaching Algebra with Dr. Oliver Knill

The Texas Graduate Center, in partnership with Region One Education Service Center, invited Harvard Mathematician Dr. Oliver Knill to conduct his workshop "The Adventure of Teaching Algebra" to a room of about 40 mathematics teachers.

Since 2013, the TGC has hosted 7 Harvard University professors to conduct trainings at Region One ESC for Rio Grande Valley teachers and administrators.

Oliver Knill earned his BA and PhD in mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland. Since 2000, he has been a preceptor in the mathematics department at Harvard University. Prior to coming to Harvard, Dr. Knill taught for three years at Caltech in Pasadena, for one year at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and spent three years in Austin on a research fellowship at the University of Texas.

Dr. Knill started his research in the field of dynamical systems and spectral theory, but more recently has shifted to applications of probability theory, analysis, geometry, and graph theory. In mathematics education, Dr. Knill’s focus is on the use of technology for teaching and learning. Recent projects in that area included cross-platform JavaScript animations, the use of computer algebra systems for visualization, inverse problems in computer vision for panorama photography, and the use of computer algebra systems for 3-D printing in education.

Below is an excerpt from a post about the Professional Development Session from Dr. Oliver Knill's blog:

"This one-day workshop was organized by the Texas Valley Communities Foundation and the Texas Graduate Center, which is affiliated with the Math for teaching degree program at the Harvard extension school. Thanks to Mary Alice Reyes and Adriana Lopez from the Texas Graduate Center for arranging and organizing that (and dinner). It was an inspiring workshop with amazing contributions from the class which I still have to digest. There were almost 30 teachers present. In the wake of the preparations, I also mixed in a bit of algebra in my current passion for geometry on graphs."

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