2015 Harvard Summer Residency

CAMBRIDGE – This year’s summer residency was a special one. The Texas Graduate Center (TGC) added a third cohort this year which meant 22 teachers from the Rio Grande Valley traveled to Cambridge for their summer residency, the most TGC has ever sent. This is also the final summer for Cohort I; by the end of the summer they will have completed their Math for Teaching Program. The next time they travel to Cambridge will be for their Harvard Commencement.

To celebrate Cohort I’s accomplishments, TGC hosted a special dinner in their honor. All three cohorts were in attendance as well as Andy Engelward, Director of the Math for Teaching Program at Harvard University Extension School. Cohort I was presented with a special gift on behalf of the TGC. Dr. Mary Alice Reyes, Executive Director of TGC, recognized their accomplishment with a congratulatory toast, “Thank you for being such an amazing group of people. We’re going to miss you so much. And thank you for being out in the schools making a difference, doing great things for our kids and trying to change the system.” She also thanked Dr. Engelward for being an integral part of the success of Cohort I and for his continued support of the Texas Graduate Center.

Dr. Engelward had some special words for the group as well, acknowledging not only Cohort I’s efforts but Dr. Reyes’ as well, “There’s no question that you are beneficiaries of someone with an amazing amount of energy and vision in the things that she does,” said Engelward. “But what really amazes me is the passion of what she does with all of you. She’s never lost that passion. It’s been years since we started Cohort I and every time I see Mary Alice, just listening to her right now congratulate you, reminds me that if it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a Mary Alice to raise all of us!”

On the second day of their arrival, the group headed to Adams house to check into their dorms and prepare for classes. Adams house is named after the historical Adams family, including John Adams, the second president of the United States. Cohort’s I and II were familiar with the house; they stayed in the same house during last year’s residency.

This year’s summer residency courses include MATH S-599 Math for Teaching Capstone; MATH S-323 Vectors: A Tool for Teaching Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry; MATH S-301 Math for Teaching Number Theory; MATH S-318 Groups and Symmetry; MATH S-AR Precalculus.

NOTE: The following photos were taken by members of Cohorts I, II, III.

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