Hanging with Harvard II

The Texas Graduate Center, in partnership with Region One GEARUP, recently held their “Hanging with Harvard II” conference. The conference featured TGC’s Harvard graduate students who are currently pursuing their masters in Mathematics for Teaching. Students from across the Rio Grande Valley came to Region One to hear the graduate students present on three main topics:

• Living at Harvard: What experiences can student expect while living in Boston?

• Classes at Harvard: What support is available to ensure academic success for students?

• High School Preparation: What research can students do now to help get admitted to Harvard?

The Harvard graduate students shared their experiences living on and off campus as well as well what a typical day at Harvard was like. Ricardo Delgado, a San Benito math teacher in his final year of the Harvard program, felt this resonated the most. “The students really liked hearing our experiences, especially the more relatable factors like our day to day routines,” he said. The goal of the conference was to let students know that Harvard is a possibility and should be considered as a potential university when they begin applying for college.


Dorothy Villanueva, a Rio Grande Valley native currently enrolled at Harvard, was the keynote speaker. She addressed the students via Skype and encouraged each student to consider Harvard as a possibility in their future. Overall, it was successful conference. “We really planted the seed as far as the whole idea of Harvard being a possibility,” said Delgado. Julio Pecina, a student at San Benito ISD said attending the conference was making him reconsider his choice of university, “I was only thinking of UT before, and now I’m considering Harvard.”


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