Teacher Impact by the Numbers

The Texas Graduate Center (TGC) is on its way to fulfilling its goal of impacting more than 300,000 mathematics students in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV). The Harvard Math for Teaching Masters program will grow to include a third cohort this Spring. Currently, there are sixteen local math teachers pursuing their masters degree from Harvard University Extension School. No other RGV educational institute has more students currently enrolled at Harvard, an exciting accomplishment for an RGV educational foundation.


From times immemorial, mathematics has been the backbone of any civilization. Even in the past times, the more successful clans were those which adopted and polished the concepts of mathematics. The brilliance of the Egyptian civilization in the field of construction and architecture might well be a product of their mathematical skills. The writings and the scribblings found on the walls of the Egyptian monuments point towards the interest that those people took in mathematics. Architecture would be a chaotic mess without the rules of measurement provided by mathematics.Most modern cities are planned using mathematical tools. It is impossible to even imagine a structured society without the knowledge of mathematics at its core. Mathematical algorithms are responsible for the advanced technologies that we have on or disposal in the form of super fast computers and digital processors. In fact, the binary number system is the language that is used to interact with computers. This binary code is a provision made by mathematics. Without this, a computer would just be a metallic junk. Prominent sciences like physics and chemistry would be rendered incomplete without the aid of mathematical theories.

The human race enjoys a superlative position in the ecological set up. And this is because humans are able to apply their mind and logical reasoning to handle their troubles and problems, apart from having the skill to foresee and anticipate the probabilities of the future.

These qualities would be hard to foster without the inclusion of mathematics as a compulsory subject for students. Business houses use statistical interpretation of data, which enables them to deduce out hidden patterns from raw data, thus enabling them to make appropriate changes in their working in order to achieve the desired results. Graphs, pie-charts, histograms; all mathematical tools, allow easy and effective representation of information in graphical form, thus facilitating easier understanding. The concepts of geometry are employed for the understanding of the crystal structure of various chemical substances.

Cataloging of chemical experimentation is also made easier through the concepts of mathematics. Error correction mathematical coding techniques make communication secure and reliable. These codes also make a momentous building block of the contemporary entertainment devices. Hence, it can easily be established that mathematics has always been a contributor towards social and economical progress, and it would continue to be so in the future as well. -Adapted from www.adorablescience.com

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